Nicaragua- July 17-25

I learned a lot in Nicaragua about flexibility and being prepared for whatever moment the LORD may use to speak through me.
We worked with a church in Somoto, about 3 hours from Managua. The Open Arms Church; how aptly they have named themselves. They embraced us as a team from the very beginning. We learned how beautiful a church family can be when there is love through Christ.
We did street evangelism in Somoto. We broke into smaller groups, with translators and led by different brothers from the church. The first day there we saw 6 people saved! It was amazing to see God work through us and the people from the church. We on the team were each given an opportunity to share our testimony with the church. I was able to share mine along with some of what the LORD had taught me in Uganda.
The LORD helped me grow in confidence in sharing my testimony and to glorify Him through His patient lessons He has taught me throughout the summer.
It was a beautiful ending to my summer journey. I learned so much and was privileged to serve alongside wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ.

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Slovenia July 5-15



Slovenia was beautiful. We arrived in Venice and met three new team additions; Paul, Jonathan and Alex are from Iowa and were a wonderful blessing for the gray team during our week there. 
We met our contact Joe Kelly and he took us took to our campsite in Pordbela, Slovenia. It was very nice with a volleyball court, a coffee shop, and showers! which was so wonderful 🙂  our site was so beautiful, we were surrounded by mountains and we were right next to a river. The river was so cold we kept our food cold in it. There was a bridge over the river into some  woods where we gathered our firewood.
We set up our tents and campsite just before dark and settled in. The next morning we were given our bikes and orientation of Slovenia and the literature we would give out. We were told the religious history of the country; the reformation didn’t reach many parts because of the mountains, there are very few believers at all in that region. 
We were going to head out after lunch to our first villages but rain began falling and even a bit of hail came with the thunderstorm. It was after 3 o’clock when we set out, because it was so late we wanted to just pray over the villages and distribute the next day. 
That first ride was very difficult. We rode on paved roads that wound up the mountains. We broke up into teams of four; my team went to Homec. It took us at least an hour to get there the first day, it was about 4 miles. Getting up that mountain was a lesson for me, mostly in humility. Realizing and admitting that I couldn’t do anything on my own, especially bike up a mountain. My team was so encouraging and helped cheer me on, but there definitely moments I was convinced I couldn’t pedal one more time, ever. But God is good and He got me all the way to Homec that day. We prayed over the village and sang some songs before heading back. The descent took 30 minutes, maybe less, it was downhill the whole way. 
The next few days we rode out after breakfast, packing lunch, and distributing literature and the Gospel in the villages. We would put hem in their mailboxes and if we encountered someone we could talk to, we would do a survey about their beliefs. We had a few good conversations, sometimes there was a language barrier. Before entering every village we prayed over it. Joe had told us in the beginning, prayer is the most important thing we could do.        One night we had a time of prayer, a few of us sat on the rocks at the river and interceded for the people of Slovenia. There is a darkness that overshadows that place. Biking walking or resting we were in prayer for their salvation.
After about five days and a day of rest, we had to change campsites. So  eight of the twelve of us biked 33 kilometers to the new campsite through the mountains. The other four drove and set up the new site. We had traveled about 12 kilometers it started raining; just then we came across a cement shelter on the side of the road. We later found out we took shelter in a WWI machine gun bunker. We were stuck for a while when it started hailing. But we passed the time well- we sang Christmas carols and made some up. 🙂 
We made it safely to our new campsite in time for dinner. 
The next day we rode out to a few villages and in the afternoon we went canyoning! And that was a lot of fun 🙂 we were able to spend our last night at the Joe Kelly’s for BBQ. It hailed again that night, so much it looked like it had snowed a little. The girls tents got a little wet so we were blessed to be able to stay at Joe’s. The next day we packed up and cleaned up camp, saying goodbye to the Kelly family. 
We made our way backto Venice; Shawnta and I rode with the Iowa guys while the Texans took the train. We were able to go see Venice before we left and we met up with the navy team for debrief and that was awesome. 
We are now in Atlanta waiting for our flight to Nicaragua. I’m excited to see what God has there! 
Thank you for all your prayers! Talk to you soon 🙂

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My time in Uganda was a learning experience. It was a good time of fellowship for our team as we worked on some projects of building and painting at Lulwanda’s Children’s Home. We didn’t have a lot of time to interact with the children at the home; we spent a few afternoons with them playing with them. I helped paint a road sign for the home, we painted a storage bin and helped build shelves for offices and classroom’s. 

We worked with Natalie Rolfe, she has been at the home for about five years now. It was wonderful to spend time with her and here her stories and testimony. We stayed at a house of her friend Lexi. Lexi has been in Uganda a little over a year, she is in the process of adopting a little girl, Hadassah. It was great getting to know Lexi and hear her heart for Uganda and its people. 

We had a lot of time to rest and slow down while we were there. God was able to teach me a few lessons during my say in Uganda.

When we climbed the mountain, which was amazing and beautiful, He taught me that during difficult times it is easier to watch only the feet in front of me than to focus on the height I had to climb to reach the end. Just like I need to focus only on where He leads me, even if I can only see one step ahead. He will be faithful to get me to where I am supposed to be. 

Also a good lesson I’ve been learning throughout the trip, and more in Uganda, is that we are called to be witnesses for Christ, and that doesn’t always mean a big action or something that will be noticed by others as important. it means living life with people. Being where God has called you, whether in America, India, or Europe. It is not the place but Who has called you and the people He wants to reach around you, that is what is important. 

It was also a good rest before going mountain biking in Slovenia. I was able to see and be thankful for the slower pace we had in Uganda as a good gift . 

Thank you for your continued prayers. I am so thankful to be on this trip. I will keep you updated. There is more Internet capability where we are in Slovenia, so you may hear from me more than once while we are here.

Talk to you all soon, God Bless!


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June 27-July 4 Uganda

We are in Uganda now. We have been working with Lulwanda Children’s Home. We’ve been doing painting and building projects. We went to church this morning and it was great. We taught Sunday School for the kids this morning.

We climbed a mountain yesterday, it was pretty amazing to look out at the beautiful country below.

It is much cooler here and we’ve been enjoying the people and culture as we’ve been here. More to come, hope all is well….

God Bless!


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June 15-25 India

Hello All!

I have to say, India was amazing. We stayed at the Emmanuel Children’s Home in New Delhi, where about 100 children live. While we were there about 50-60 children were at the home, others were on break or visiting relatives.

I learned a few lessons in India. Loving someone is very much an action. Even a small action speaks love loudly. Many times the children were content to sit beside me on the hot stone steps and hold my hand without speaking. Other times it was playing a game with small stones, with rules I couldn’t quite figure out. Or it was picking up the children one more time, after a long hot day, literally drenched in sweat from the heat. They loved hanging on us and leaning on us. I absolutely loved every moment!

Our purpose in going was to love the children, I believe we did that well. Though everyday I wished I had loved a bit more and loved them better.

It was incredibly hot everyday. We stayed at the orphanage . There was no A/C. There were only bucket baths. We had a cooling machine for nights that often stopped working. Everyone was sweaty and dirty, and oftentimes tired but God gave us gracious attitudes and we persevered.  Even with all that, and with the many layers of dirt along the way, it was a truly wonderful exerience for me. God was able to grow patience in me, He showed me how to love just a little bit more.

We were able to take the kids to Pizza Hut one day, which was a big treat for them. And another really fun day was going to a theme park, getting to run around the park with the kids and going to the water part and getting soaked with cold water was a lot of fun 🙂 It was so great to see their faces smiling so big and even watch them pass out on the bus home because they were so tired.

We took a day and went to see the Taj Mahal. It was very neat. A very memorable moment at the Taj was that Sarah, the one who started Global Journey, was proposed to while standing in front of the Taj Mahal! It was so cool! 🙂

One of my favorite moments of the time in India was during my team devotions. We gather to read and sing together every morning, which is always a great thing. One morning a little girl, Sheetal, about 6 years old came and sat on my lap during devotions. She fell asleep in my arms. Afterwards, while we were singing and praising the LORD, I thanked Him for all the little blessings He had given us to love on that week. Being able to look down at that little girl and know how much she was loved by our heavenly Father, so much more than I can imagine, was truly amazing. It was a moment I won’t soon forget.

There were many small moments that I’ll always remember. I am so grateful that the LORD provided this wonderful and unforgettable experience.

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June 7-14 East Asia

I had such an amazing opportunity these last seven days tp see how God is working all the way across the world. He is using His children of all nations to reach the lost. We met up with our friend in East Asia and had a wonderful week serving with him and seeing how he serves and loves the LORD by loving the people around him. Our team had the chance to interact with people our own age, strike up conversations and share with them the Good News. We were greatly blessed to see one soul won to the LORD while we were there!
I serve an amazing God and wonderful Teacher. He taught me this week about boldness. I was anxious to share the Gospel. unsure how to say things, worried about language barriers, etc. But even before landing in our destination, God encouraged me with this verse from Isaiah.
“And I have put My words in your mouth; I have covered you with My hand…” Isaiah 51:16
Knowing He went before me as my all-sufficient Savior gave me courage and even more peace to do His work. Through His strength and boldness I was able to share His Truth this week and though I didn’t see any results, I know God will not let His words return void.
This week I was also able to fellowship and worship with brothers and sisters from this nation. Though we didn’t know each other long, we all got close and became good friends in that time. I was so blessed to hear stories and the testimonies of these brothers and sisters. How God works mightily in lives for His glory. In many of the testimonies, the first time they heard the gospel and planted that seed was from a foreigner. That was so encouraging for us! That even for a short time we could still be used greatly for His purposes.
I cannot wait to share more details in person.
Please continue praying for our trip and both teams. Also pray for those we just left, for their encouragement , guidance and peace.

I am sorry it took so long for a blog update, the site was unavailable.
We are now in India, we’ve been here less than a day, but I love it already! The kids are precious and love having us just sit by them and hold their hand. We’ve gotten to spend most of the day with them and play with them.

I cannot wait to tell you what God will do next!
Until next time, God Bless!!!

In Him, Lindsay

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Meeting the Team– June 1-4

Shawnta and I arrived in TX safely and met the team June 1. There are two teams, Navy and Grey- Shawnta and I are on the Grey.
God has been very good. Everyone gets along very well, I am so glad our team was put together the way it was.
There are nine of us on the team- Blake and Laura are the leaders, then Ryan, Sarah, Joseph, Meghan, Jackie, Shawnta and I.
We had three days of training. The days were full, we talked about ministry, cultures, and evangelism. It seemed as if we were there for a lot longer then3 days. We got to know each other and learn with each other. As a team we met and shared our testimonies with each other. We learned more about what we’d be doing, who we’d be serving and how we’d be serving on the trip. I am so excited to see the LORD do mighty things on this trip.

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